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Myrtle Wood Hollow Vessel

This hollow vessel was turned from a solid piece of beautiful myrtle wood from Oregon. While turning, I used a flashlight to shine through the wood to see when I had acheived the desired thickness. The shoulder of this vase has been adorned with 12 black diamonds by using a woodburning pen. Sanded to silky perfection, and hand-rubbed with several coats of Danish oil. The grain has great chattoyance and colors.

It is 7.25" tall and 3.5" in diameter. The wall thickness is a very thin and uniform 1/8".

English Walnut Tub

This large cup, or tall bowl is made from a single piece of English walnut. It is a little over 5" tall and about 4-1/2" in diameter. The band below the rim is burned in on the lathe with a guitar string and a woodburning pen. Look closely and you will see the thousands of strokes it took to shade the alternating triangles. It is very finely detailed and represents hours of concentrated work in both woodturning and pyrography. The grain has some flame, a few birdseyes, and nice chattoyance. The wall is a little over 3/16" thick, and makes this piece feel substantial, and well proportioned. The bottom has a slight recess for stability, and has been signed and dated.

I envision this piece sitting on the counter collecting corks at a wine tasting party.












Bracelet Circumference Gauge

This is a tool I made for a customer to use to size bracelets. It's made of English walnut. It stands about 6" tall and is from 4" to 9" in circumference in quarter-inch graduations.

Rustic Laurel Tub

This tub is made from a chunk of Laurel wood and is about 6" tall and 5" in diameter. I left the bark on for an earthy rustic look, and gave it a band of slashes around the top with woodburning.

Pencil Cups

A few pencil cups I've been making this spring. The woods shown consist of myrtle, English walnut, and spalted ash. I make each of them one at a time, random sizes and with unique woodburned patterns on them.



The knot is watching. Small walnut tab at back of each drawer. Small walnut tab at back of each drawer.

Tea Lights or Confetti Lights

Both made from spalted ash.


Some Recent Bud Vases

Myrtle wood with chevrons.














Closeup of the burnwork.











These two are of Laurel wood.

















Laurel with diamonds, and Holly with chevrons.












Left: Ivory Diamonds. Made from holly and given 24 diamonds in relief.

Right: Holly wood with square diamonds and vertical stripes.










Left: Myrtle wood given a band of shaded slashes.


Right: Beautiful caramel-colored Laurel wood given a simple dentil pattern with my woodburning pen.











Red Alder with diamonds in relief.

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