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If you are interested in purchasing any items similar to those found in my gallery please contact me for a quote.

Table Top Picture Frame

Here's a picture frame that I made for xmas over 20 years ago! It has two sheets of 1/8" glass that sandwich the 8x10" picture. The wood used is pine and the finish is poly.

The picture is of my grandpa Frank when he was a young sailor.

Box for Emily



My wine bottle stopper gift box with the date of Emily's wedding branded on the lid.












The box contains two hardwood stoppers in a bed of excelsior.

Drumsticks for Rick

One set of hard maple drumsticks to surprize Rick.

Hair Spikes

Not really sure what to call these yet... They're for putting your hair up! Around 8" long and made from what I think is wormy granadillo wood (dark) and the lighter ones are hard maple.

Wow... that's overexposed.

Jewelry Chest

I made this chest for Erin around 10 years ago, back before we were married. It's made of solid black walnut for the primary wood, and solid hard maple for the secondary. There is a featured knot in the top with beautiful figure around it that resembles an eye. The six drawers are graduated in height from 2" at the top, to 3" at the bottom. The joint used in the corners of each drawer is called a locking rabbet. At the back of each drawer is a tab that prevents the drawers from being pulled out too far. The tabs rotate down ninety degrees to allow for removal of the drawer. The drawers glide very smoothly and have a generous amount of room for a small fortune in treasured jewelry. The back is also in finished black walnut, so this chest looks good from any angle. The six pulls are solid brass, and the chest sits on four rectangular walnut feet and very thin protective rubber pads. I put a personal inscription to Erin on the underside of the top drawer.

The chest is 20" tall, 13" wide, and 8" deep. It's silky-smooth, and finished in Danish oil and paste wax.

If you're in the market for a custom jewelry chest as a gift for someone you love, I'd love to build one for you. Please contact me for a quote.

The knot is watching. Small walnut tab at back of each drawer. Small walnut tab at back of each drawer.

Small Pine Box With Autumn Leaves

I made this and a bunch of boxes similar to this for xmas back in 1984 or 1985 for my family and friends. I use this one as a catch-all for change, keys, other stuff that you take out of your pockets. Note the Silly Putty in there. The box is all solid white pine with a glass lid. Under the glass is a decoupage of autumn leaves. It's got brass butt hinges.

It's 11 3/8" long, 8" wide and 3 1/4" tall.

Custom Drumsticks for Hannah in Maryland, for her boyfriend, Chris.

Hannah ordered these custom made drumsticks for her boyfriend from my shop on I burned his initials in each stick. Rock on, Chris!

Thanks for the order Hannah!

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