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Laurel Bud Vase #52

I turned this bud vase from a chunk of Laurel wood that neighbors of mine were getting rid of. The plants were 20-25 feet tall! It has a small knot on the neck that looks like a ghost or an angel. It is signed, dated and numbered on the base. The vase is approximately 5 " tall and 2-7/8" in diameter. I burned a unique pattern around the base and sanded it to 600-grit. Then I hand rubbed it with Danish oil until it begged me to stop.

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My bud vases are hand-made from natural wood that is rough-turned green and air dried. I then finish turn the vases, sand and hand finish with Danish oil. Paste wax should be applied periodically to maintain the warm glow of the finish and protect it from the environment. Over time, your vase's color will age and mellow. Natural aging can be reduced by protecting the vase from sunlight.

Please do not place water in the vase or immerse the vase in water.