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A brand new page dedicated to showing what's going on in the shop. In the near future, I'll post pictures and messages about what I'm working on, and what's going on in the shop. Stuff will trickle in when I get a chance to update. Please check back once in a while!

Mahogany Mother Lode! I got this wood from a wholesale outfit in Portland. There's about 3000 board feet of 4/4 and 8/4 African mahogany (khaya ivorensis).

Score!3000 board feet of Khaya!


Got Wood??? This tan oak tree was saved from the woodstove. I had it cut up into boards and they're slowly drying in the shop. Thanks to Jeff Nelson of Treecycle for helping me cut up the logs.

There are about 5 good oak logs in this pile. Some are a little over 2 feet in diameter.Jeff Nelson of Treecycle is setting up the sawmill.Jeff running the saw. It was cold and windy out that day, but beautiful.Glamour shot of the TimberKing 1600!My F-250 ready to take a load home.My oak stash!


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